Thermostat Installation and Repair in Carrollton & Throughout DFW

Thermostat Installation and Repair Experts

a smart thermostat in a house

Metro Express Service has been in the HVAC industry for a long time, and with our many years of experience, we know you probably underestimate the importance of your thermostat. Even though you use it on a daily basis, it’s easy to overlook how much work it is doing in your system.

As soon as you have the slightest issue with a thermostat, that becomes clear. If it doesn’t work properly, the whole system fails. Even though it’s such a small component, dealing with thermostat problems can easily be the most frustrating issue to face with your heating or cooling systems.

This is why MES provides specialized thermostat services. When you have an issue, we can be there with professional diagnostic and repair services to get it resolved. We also offer thermostat replacement and upgrade services, not to mention we install new thermostats with new HVAC systems. With so many options for repair, replacement, and upgrades, you can trust that whatever your thermostat needs, we can supply it. Contact us today for prompt thermostat services in Carrollton and throughout DFW.

Thermostat Repair and Replacement

The thermostat is one of the most common components to cause trouble in HVAC systems in the Carrollton area. It impacts both heating and cooling, and it can leave you without the ability to control your system. It’s a vital component, and it usually has the most complicated electronics in your HVAC system. That means that there are more ways for things to go wrong.

Sometimes it’s clear that the thermostat isn’t working. We’ll come to diagnose and fix the thermostat. Other times you just know that your heating or cooling isn’t working, and it won’t be clear why. We’ll test the thermostat, and when it proves to be the problem, we can repair it or replace it.

Smart Thermostat Upgrades

If you’re going to replace a thermostat, it’s always worth considering an upgrade. Smart thermostats add a lot of value to the system, and they can even impact the sellability of a home. The ability to schedule cooling cycles, adjust the temperature from an app on your phone, and check on things when you aren’t around all add a lot to your system. It will improve efficiency by ensuring you aren’t overcooling an empty building. It will also prove convenient by having the house at the right temperature whenever you wake up, go to bed, or get home from being out.

It often makes sense to upgrade your thermostat when the old one has a problem, but you don’t have to wait. Thermostat upgrades are affordable, and in many cases, they pay for themselves with their improved efficiency. If you want to explore better thermostats, we can help you at any time. We can discuss the pros and cons of different systems, and once you decide on what you want, we’ll install it professionally so you don’t have to worry about it working.

Thermostat Installation

There is a third case for thermostat installation, and we take care of this situation as well. We’re talking about new unit installations. If you’re getting a new unit, it needs a proper thermostat for good control. That’s usually included in the bundle, but regardless, we’ll make sure you have a compatible, quality thermostat for your new unit. We will professionally install it, and we’ll properly test it when we’re done. When you get a new unit installed by MES, you get the right thermostat on the wall too.

Thermostats have plenty of needs, and we want to take care of all of them for you. Whether you need a repair or want an upgrade, the team at Metro Express Service is ready to help. Give us a quick call, and we’ll schedule a time to come out and take care of your thermostat. You’ll get a lasting solution that allows you to take your thermostat for granted as you enjoy your precisely climate-controlled interior. Contact us today for thermostat installation and repair services in Carrollton and throughout DFW.