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Heating systems are important for any home. Unfortunately, they sometimes fail, and knowing a little bit about how and why they fail can help you deal with the situation when it occurs. In general, a heating system has three key components.

The indoor unit is your air handler or your furnace. In a split system, you may have both. The furnace essentially produces the heat, and the air handler essentially moves it through the house.

Many modern homes in Texas have a heat pump outside the building instead of an indoor furnace. In the cold months, this pulls heat from the air to help warm the inside.

The next major component is the ductwork. The ducts are straightforward in how they work. They provide an efficient path of travel for the hot air and deliver it to the entirety of the house.

The final component is the thermostat. It’s the brain of the operation and tells everything else what to do.

Any problem with your heating system can be isolated to one (or sometimes more) of these components. Whenever a Metro Express Service technician comes to repair your system, they will diagnose all three components to find the root of the problem. Once they do, they can make quick work of the job and have your heat back up and running in no time. We provide heating services in Carrollton, TX and throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Heater Maintenance

When it comes to fixing heater problems, it’s always best to avoid them in the first place. Annual heater maintenance allows an expert technician to take a long, scrutinizing look at your entire system. They can inspect it for air or gas leaks. They can check the electrical components by testing currents, voltages, and resistances.

When your technician finds signs of trouble, they can make recommendations to stop the problem before it gets worse. When you fully take advantage of regular maintenance, you help your heater work more effectively and prolong its life.

Heater Repair

When things do fail on your heater, an expert repair service is the best way to restore it to a working condition. Your technician will look over the various components of the system and carefully diagnose problems.

In most cases, once the cause of the problem is apparent, repair becomes a simple matter. Bad pieces are replaced, and you have a working heater again.

Heating Unit Replacement

Your heating unit will eventually need replacement. There are typically two scenarios that will drive you to replace your heater. The first is when it isn’t working and a repair will cost too much to justify. This is especially frustrating when your heater seems to have a new problem every day.

The second case is when you want an upgrade. It’s common in the DFW for heaters to underserve their households. A new heater can improve your energy efficiency and leave you with improved climate control that leaves you much more comfortable throughout the cold months of the year.

Heating Unit Installation

In some cases, a home or building might lack a heater. Sometimes, a fireplace or stove helps with the heating, but they can never match the effectiveness of central heating. If you have no heater at all, we can install one for you.

We will provide you with plenty of heater options and help you choose one that is right for the size of your house or building. We will make recommendations on where the heater should be installed. When you’re ready, we’ll get everything up and running.

Emergency Heater Repairs

It is a virtual guarantee that your heater will only fail on the coldest week of the year. That’s a time when you can’t wait around for a repair or a replacement. You are cold right now, so you need emergency help. Metro Express Service has an emergency line. We are available 24/7 in Carrollton and throughout DFW, so if you are suddenly blasted with a heater problem, we’re available to fix it.

Waiting when the weather is cold can put your health at risk. Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you have heater problems. We’ll be there as soon as possible, and we’ll work tirelessly to get your heater running again as quickly as can be done safely.

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