Heater Maintenance in Carrollton & Throughout DFW

Heating System Maintenance Experts

HVAC technician performing heater maintenance

When you’re exiting the cold season, it’s a good time to give your heating system a little maintenance. At Metro Express Service, we have experts on hand who can expertly diagnose and address any issues with your heater.

Tasks such as changing the filters and ensuring that there aren’t any electrical issues must be completed periodically to keep your furnace running well and to head off any issues that could be inconvenient or expensive in the future. We have some of the most experienced professionals throughout the Carrollton and DFW region ready to take your call. Contact us today to schedule Fall heater maintenance at your home or business.

Benefits of Regular Heater Maintenance

When heaters aren’t efficient, they’re expensive. Regular heater maintenance ensures that your heater is working like it should, which both reduces your bill and keeps your home comfy and cozy. Many people aren’t properly maintaining their heaters, which can lead to expensive bills and abrupt breakdowns. It can also lead to a home that feels uncomfortably cold and drafty even when the heater seems to be doing all the work it can.

With regular heater maintenance, you won’t need to worry about whether there’s an issue with your heater lurking just below the surface. As with any heat-generating system, heaters can potentially become dangerous if they aren’t periodically maintained and checked. But the trained technicians at MES in Carrollton can swiftly identify and resolve any problems with your heater, so you can ride out the winter months in peace.

Our Maintenance Tasks

You want to make sure that your system is going to run well during the cold months. That means making sure your system gets a complete top-down overhaul. In our checklist, we check everything that is needed to make sure the system will be reliable and efficient. That can include:

  • Changing the filters. Filters should be changed regularly to reduce allergens within the home and to ensure that the system is operating efficiently. Rather than trying to remember this yourself, you can have us handle it for you.
  • Checking the indoor system. If your heater isn’t working properly, it could be a number of things. Your heater might be old and need to be replaced, but it could also just need a few more parts. Most furnaces and air handlers can last 20 to 30 years with the right care.
  • Checking the outdoor system. Many homes around Carrollton have outdoor heat pumps instead of indoor furnaces. Our experts have plenty of experience identifying and addressing issues with heat pumps.
  • Examining the ducts for punctures. Sometimes, regular wear and tear or even critters can lead to punctures in your ductwork. We can find and patch any holes in your air ducts to keep your system more efficient.
  • Checking for electrical issues. If your heater isn’t turning on at the right time, or if it’s not staying on, it could be an internal electrical issue, or there could be something wrong with the thermostat. We can find any issues that may prevent your heater from switching on when it gets cold outside.
  • Checking for future issues. Wear and tear can indicate potential future failure. Our technicians won’t just identify the problems you currently have with your system but problems that you might have in the future. This avoids the need for a last-minute repair in the heart of winter.

You want your home to be warm and toasty on demand. Maintenance and repair is how you do that. Without the right maintenance and repair from the technicians at MES, you can’t be sure that your system is going to be reliable and efficient when you need it. 

Schedule Your Fall HVAC Tune-Up Today!

If you want peace of mind, you want to schedule your fall HVAC tune-up today. Scheduling a heating system tune-up will help identify any problems with your furnace and make sure your furnace is as efficient as possible throughout the fall, winter, and spring seasons. The more well-maintained your system is, the longer it will last, and the more money you’re likely to be able to save long term. Call Metro Express Service for HVAC maintenance throughout the Carrollton and DFW region.