Heating System Installation and Replacement in Carrollton & Throughout DFW

New Heating Unit Installation Experts in Dallas/Fort Worth

HVAC technician delivering a furnace

Metro Express Service handles all aspects of HVAC maintenance, repair, and installation. One of our most important services is heating unit installation. People need new units, and without them, the winters can be more than cold — they can be dangerous. We don’t want you to be in that situation, so we offer a full suite of installation services that ensure you have access to proper heating.

We work on both indoor and outdoor heating units around Carrollton. When we’re working inside, the most common thing we see is air handlers. These blow hot air from the furnace throughout the house, and they’re essential to keeping everyone warm. We can install new air handlers whenever the need arises.

For outdoor units, heat pumps are the most common choice in Texas. Heat pumps can both cool and heat air, and that makes them very efficient, especially in the mild winters of the Dallas region.

We also service and install split systems. These generally include air handlers and furnaces. If you need a new furnace, MES can get it installed for you without an issue.

In addition to dealing with heating units, we can service the entire system. Even if you have a less-common heating system, MES is ready to come to your aid. We service Carrollton and the entire DFW area. We want to be sure you know that you have professional help available whenever and wherever you need it. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Heating System Replacement

As much as we all want our heating systems (and everything else) to last forever, everything wears down eventually. That means that there are times when your HVAC technician is going to tell you that repairing the system isn’t sustainable.

When your technician is with MES, you’re going to get a breakdown of the issue. We’ll explain what is wrong and what is needed to fix the problem. We’ll also let you know whether the repair is likely to cost as much as or more than a new unit. Even when that isn’t the case, there are times when repairs just can’t last long enough. We can tell when a heater is on its last legs, and we won’t hide that from you.

When it’s time for a replacement unit, we can help you find something that is right for your home and lifestyle. More importantly, we’ll make sure it gets installed correctly. Whether you’re looking at a gas heater, electric heater, heat pump, or another alternative, we have the expertise to get it installed and warranty the work.

Heating System Installation

Sometimes you’re getting a new heating system installed for a completely different reason. Maybe you aren’t replacing a broken system but are getting it installed for the first time. This can happen due to major changes to your cooling system, or you might be looking at a new build. Regardless, we install heating units around Carrollton all the time. This often comes with significant ductwork, but you need not worry—we’re also experts at working with air ducts. We can get it all done for you.

The third reason to install a new heating system is that you’re ready for an upgrade. Old systems often have issues with efficiency and struggle to stay warm enough. If you want a better system all around, we can do that too. You don’t have to wait for a major repair as justification.

Simply call Metro Express Service today. We’ll get you in touch with a certified expert who can go over your living situation. We’ll get to know your needs so we can make professional recommendations for you. Once you decide what you want, we’ll get everything installed and certified so you can get on with enjoying your new system. Contact us today for professional heater installation services in Carrollton or the rest of the DFW area.