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Best HVAC Technicians in McKinney, TX

Metro Express Service is in the business of taking care of McKinney HVAC systems. We offer a full range of services that can take care of you throughout the year. We repair and install AC units so that you can always beat the heat. We offer the same for heaters, so you’ll never be in danger of freezing during a winter storm.

We offer duct cleaning, filter replacements, regular inspections, and everything else an HVAC system could ever need. When it comes to managing your air, MES is all you need. Contact us today for any HVAC needs in McKinney.

Top AC Repair and Replacement Services in McKinney

Everyone in Texas values their air-conditioning unit. The summers are long, hot, and humid, and you need to be able to stay cool to get through it all. If you want to beat the heat, our trio of air-conditioner services in McKinney will help make sure you can stay comfortable.

The first is AC repair. If anything is amiss with your air conditioner, you can give us a call. We’ll be there as fast as possible, and we will work quickly to diagnose the issue. We’ll explain what is needed to resolve the problem, and then we’ll take care of it for you. You’ll have a working, reliable air conditioner in no time.

Sometimes, you need to replace the AC unit instead of just getting it repaired. Our AC replacement services in McKinney will empower you with knowledge and options. We’ll help you find the best units for your home or business, and we’ll make sure you understand exactly what makes it such a great choice.

When you do pick your air conditioner, we also offer professional installation services. You won’t have to worry about faulty work or unreliable installations. Metro Express Service has been in this business for more than 30 years. Our certified expert technicians will install your new unit and guarantee their work.

Contact Us If Your Heater Breaks Down in Winter

The last thing you need this winter is to be without a heater. Winter storms in northern Texas are no joke, and everyone has recent enough memories of devastating ice storms that left many in real danger. You need a reliable heater, and MES can ensure that you have it at your McKinney home or business.

We offer three major services that keep your heater in top shape, and we can perform them on gas and electric heaters. The first is heater repair. If your heater isn’t working, you can contact us and we’ll be there in a hurry. We will diagnose the problem and let you know what is necessary to get it working again.

We also offer heating unit replacement services. When repairs stop being the best solution, a replacement unit is well within reach. We can help you select an appropriate unit for your space, and we will professionally install it. You’ll be able to trust that your new heater is ready to get you through many winters.

Finally, we offer new heater installation services. If you don’t have a good unit, or you’re looking for an upgrade, we can take care of you.

Regular HVAC Maintenance in McKinney, TX

Outside of heating and cooling units, your HVAC system needs regular attention to work at its best. Duct cleaning and filter replacements help to give you the best indoor air quality throughout the year.

Additionally, when we walk through routine maintenance, our experts are able to spot signs of trouble before they grow out of hand. We can identify issues with ductwork and heating and cooling units, as well as relief lines and general insulation. We look at everything your HVAC system needs, and we ensure that it is given proper care. Contact us today to schedule HVAC maintenance at your McKinney home or business.

Need 24/7 Emergency HVAC Repairs? Call Us!

It’s never convenient for HVAC problems to arise, but sometimes it constitutes a genuine emergency. That’s why Metro Express Service is available 24/7 when HVAC emergencies arise in McKinney. You don’t have to wait overnight or through the weekend to get help. As soon as the problem emerges, you can contact us, and we’ll be there right away.

HVAC delays can be dangerous, and we are available to resolve those threats at any time. Please don’t wait when your safety or comfort are at stake.

MES’s Commitment to Excellent Customer Service

Metro Express Service has been helping people in the DFW area for more than 30 years. In that time, we have established a business that is built on principles, and those principles allow us to provide you with the best experience possible.

When you work with us, you will be in touch with certified experts. All of our technicians are well trained and certified to do their jobs. On top of that, they’re quite friendly. We want you to be able to trust in our work and our commitment to you.

If your McKinney property’s HVAC system needs any level of service, Metro Express Service in Carrollton is here to help. Contact us today so we can keep your air clean and your rooms at a comfortable temperature.