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Best HVAC Technicians in Garland, TX

Can you imagine living in Garland before air-conditioning was invented? Unfortunately, people in the area get to experience that firsthand every summer. As much as we all love air-conditioning, it can fail. When that happens, we all learn to appreciate modern comforts and amenities very quickly.

Fortunately, there is help available for air-conditioning repair and all manner of HVAC support and maintenance. That help can be found at Metro Express Service in Carrollton. We employ the best HVAC technicians in Garland, and we’re always available to help anyone with any level of HVAC needs. We have emergency services, AC services, heating services, routine maintenance, inspections, and more. Contact us today for fast and dependable service.

Top AC Repair and Replacement Services in Garland

When your air conditioner isn’t working, you’re in a tough spot. To keep your Garland home cool, you need access to three vital services: AC repair, replacement, and installation.

We offer AC repair services in Garland. If your unit isn’t working correctly, we will come and take a look. We will identify the root cause of the problem, and from there we can recommend a course of action. We’ll explain what is needed to fix the unit, and if you agree, we’ll get that work done.

Sometimes, it simply makes more sense to replace a unit than to repair it. When that turns out to be the case, we can handle replacement as well. We’ll show you a selection of air conditioners and help you understand the distinctions between your options. You can pick the right air conditioner for you, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Naturally, we also cover AC installation. Whether you’re replacing a unit or installing one for the first time, our technicians will work to get the job done right. That will ensure that you have a good unit that is working correctly and poised to last for a long time.

No matter what your air conditioner needs, Metro Express Service can provide the work.

Contact Us If Your Heater Breaks Down in Winter

Texas is known for its heat, but it can get cold, too — especially in northern Texas. If your heater fails in Garland, you could be in for a rough winter. Instead of sitting out the cold, get professional HVAC assistance for your heater. MES covers repair, replacement, and installation services for heaters across the greater DFW area.

Heater repair is vital. When the system isn’t working, we will diagnose the problem and explain it to you. You can decide where to go from there, and if you choose a repair, we’ll get the job done quickly and professionally. 

When a new heater is the right answer, we’ll help you find the right replacement for your home. We’ll ensure that it is sufficient to heat your home and keep you comfortable. We’ll also handle the installation so that you can be confident that it is safe and secure.

We work with electric and gas heaters, so no matter your system, we’re able to take care of it properly.

Regular HVAC Maintenance in Garland, TX

Aside from heating and AC repair, your HVAC system needs routine maintenance. MES handles a range of services in Garland that take great care of the whole thing. We offer indoor air quality audits that ensure you’re breathing healthy air. We also perform duct cleaning and filter replacement to prevent the buildup of particles that you don’t want in your lungs.

We can do additional inspections and certifications to guarantee that your system is in the best possible shape and to prevent major problems as thoroughly as possible.

Need 24/7 Emergency HVAC Repairs? Call Us!

Perhaps our most important service is our emergency service. We have technicians available every hour of every day. When you run into unexpected trouble at your Garland home or business, Metro Express Service is ready to provide emergency HVAC repairs. We’ll get there as soon as possible and work tirelessly to resolve the problem. You don’t have to suffer through nights or weekends with failed AC or heating. Professional service is always just a phone call away.

MES’s Commitment to Excellent Customer Service

Metro Express Service is a company built on the philosophy of providing great customer service. We’ve been in this business for well over 30 years, and in that time, we have accumulated experience, awards, certifications, and accolades. We are certified comfort specialists. All of our technicians are factory trained, and we regularly receive great reviews from satisfied customers.

We also back all of our work with a satisfaction guarantee. You never have to wonder about the quality of the HVAC services you’ll receive from MES.

Whatever your HVAC system needs, the Metro Express Team in Carrollton can take care of it. Call us or contact us online today. We’ll be happy to get started.