Benefits of Air Duct Cleanings

Most people understand that their home needs a lot of regular maintenance. Staying on top of maintenance helps the home retain value, and it makes life easier by preventing major problems that might otherwise occur.

Your HVAC system is extremely important in your home. Despite that, many people put off or ignore routine maintenance related to the system. When was the last time your air conditioner was inspected or serviced? How often do you change your air filters? Have you ever had your ducts cleaned?

That last one is a problem in many homes. It’s common for homeowners to be completely unaware of the importance of duct cleaning. We want to push back against that problem by providing some knowledge. Duct cleaning is extremely important to your HVAC system, and it can do a lot of wonderful things for your home that you might not have considered. Here are five major benefits of air duct cleanings.

1. Better Air Quality

The number one reason to have your ducts cleaned is to improve air quality. The service can eliminate allergens that drive residents and pets crazy. Particles that hold unpleasant smells can linger in the ducts, and a good cleaning gets rid of that problem too. Cleaner ducts help combat irritants in the air that can make it harder to breathe and even disrupt sleep.

Clean ducts lead to better air quality in every way, and there are countless benefits that stem from this factor alone. If you want to improve the quality of life in a home, a duct cleaning service can help with that.

2. Reduced Maintenance

On a completely different note, duct cleaning is good for your HVAC system. As you can imagine, duct cleaning removes dirt, dust, and other particles from the system. That leads to less of everything circulating through the house (or building) and the HVAC system in general. This reduces strain on the air filters, so they last longer.

Duct cleaning also helps combat particular degradation of your whole HVAC system. A lot of the small particles create wear on the moving parts of your HVAC devices. Reducing the number of particles doing this allows the system to function with less maintenance and investment on your part.

3. Improved Efficiency

Similarly, clean air ducts are better for HVAC efficiency. It’s not hard to see how cleaner ducts have better airflow. Improved airflow allows the air to move with less resistance. This means the fans don’t have to work as hard to blow cool or warm air through the system. More importantly, your air compressor doesn’t have to cool as much air to keep up with the thermostat during hot weather. The efficiency gains you get from clean ducts reduce wear and tear on the compressor (and to a lesser extent other parts of the system). This improves longevity.

Just as important, the efficiency gains you get from a duct cleaning service lower the amount of energy required to heat or cool a building. You save money on utilities when your ducts are always clean.

4. Contamination Removal

We already talked about air quality, but there is a separate issue of cleanliness related to your ducts. They can collect contaminants. Vermin can get into the ducts, and the waste they leave behind can contain diseases or other problems. Ducts can also grow mold and mildew that produce contamination.

Another form of contamination to think about is chemical contamination. Say you purchase a home that was owned by a smoker. Smoke contamination can linger in the air ducts for years.

In all of these cases, a professional cleaning service removes the contamination so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

5. Advanced Warning

An often undervalued benefit of duct cleaning is having an expert go through your whole system. In order to clean your ducts, the professional has to meticulously look at your entire HVAC setup. This provides them with a chance to see signs of trouble that might be emerging at different points in your HVAC. When they spot early warning signs, you gain the opportunity to invest in cheap preventative maintenance that deters expensive pending problems.

There are plenty of reasons to get your air ducts cleaned. There are few reasons to avoid the service. It is a vital part of routine maintenance, and it’s likely to save you money over time. Contact Metro Express Service in Carrollton today. We’ll schedule your duct cleaning. You can have all of these benefits, and you’ll find that the service requires very little from you. The professionals will handle everything so that you can focus on enjoying the perks.