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In Texas, air conditioners are a vital part of life. It’s worth knowing a little bit about how they are designed so you can be sure that your system is in good shape.

Most systems have an indoor unit, often known as an air handler. This is the part that moves air through the system for cooling and distribution.

The outdoor unit is an air conditioner or heat pump. A heat pump is involved in the heating and cooling process while an air conditioner usually indicates that there is an indoor furnace alongside the air handler.

Your air ducts are pretty obvious in function, but they are still a vital component of the system. They provide the airways for everything to function.

Lastly, the thermostat is the controller that tells everything what to do.

Anytime your air conditioner is on the fritz, one (or more) of these four components is the culprit. When you have air conditioning problems, a certified Metro Express Service tech will go through these components to diagnose the problem and provide you with resolution. We provide A/C services in Carrollton and the surrounding DFW cities, and we’ll give you a full diagnosis of which part of your A/C system is causing problems. Contact us today to schedule your air conditioning maintenance, repair, or installation service.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air conditioner maintenance is the service that saves you a lot of trouble. At least once a year, you want a certified expert to go through the A/C unit and system and look for signs of trouble. Early warning indicators often include small condensation leaks, voltage or resistance irregularities, and improper sounds.

Any of these warning signs can lead to major issues down the road, but when they are resolved with regular maintenance, things stay cheap and easy. Skimping on maintenance is the easiest way to make your life a lot harder when everything finally comes crashing down.

Air Conditioner Repair

Air conditioners are hard-working devices. The compressors rotate at a high rate. The refrigerant is under pressure. Most of all, being in the DFW area, they work through long, hot, humid seasons. Eventually, there is going to be a problem that requires repair.

Our techs will go through all of the components of your air-conditioning system when they diagnose issues. This allows tus to be thorough and provide robust solutions that are meant to last for a long time. When you want top-quality air conditioner repair in and around Carrollton, you want Metro Express Service.

AC Unit Replacement

When a repair is no longer a viable solution, you’ll be ready for an A/C replacement. Conversely, you can replace a functioning unit with a more energy-efficient option. Regardless of your motivation, Metro Express Service does professional A/C unit replacements.

We will properly dispose of the previous unit, and we will install your new one correctly. We will make sure it is in a good location, that it is properly protected, and that it has everything it needs to cool your house on the hottest days while maintaining a long life cycle.

AC Unit Installation

Not all buildings have central air conditioners. Perhaps the building has been newly built, or perhaps it was previously equipped with window units. Metro Express Service offers installation of brand-new air conditioning units throughout the Carrollton area.

We can help locate the optimal positioning for the unit. We can assist with selecting an air conditioner that is property rated for the volume of air it needs to cool. Most importantly, we’ll give the new unit the attention it deserves when we professionally install it.

Emergency Air-Conditioning Repairs

Emergency repairs are arguably the most important service we offer. When it’s hot and your A/C suddenly fails, it puts you in an incredibly difficult position. The summer heat around Carrollton can be intense and even dangerous. You need a rapid response that gets you out of the heat before things get bad.

Our emergency line is always available. Every hour of every day of the year, we have technicians ready to spring into action and fix your unexpected problem.

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Metro Express Service is always here to help home and building owners in Carrollton and throughout Dallas/Fort Worth. No matter what your air conditioning system needs, we can take care of it. Contact us today. We can schedule an appointment, discuss your options, or find any way possible to help you with whatever you and your air conditioner need.