A/C System Installation and Replacement in Carrollton & Throughout DFW

New AC Unit Installation Experts in Dallas/Fort Worth

an air conditioner and an air handler

Metro Express Service is a professional HVAC service provider. We analyze, fix, replace, and install HVAC systems in Carrollton and across DFW. Since we live and work in Texas, you know air conditioners are a major part of our lives.

When you have a cooling problem, we’ll come and diagnose it right away. Once we know the extent of the issue, we can help you determine whether it makes more sense to fix the problem or replace the unit. We’ll discuss costs, timelines, and how effective each option can be in the long run.

We regularly work with indoor and outdoor units. We repair and replace air handlers, air conditioners, and heat pumps all the time, and if a replacement is the best option for you, we can help you consider the pros and cons of upgrading your system while we’re at it.

We can go through split systems that use an indoor air handler and an outdoor air conditioner to cool the air. They split the work with a furnace that heats the air. 

We can also work on ductless mini-split systems that service a smaller area.

No matter how your HVAC system is configured, we’re the experts that can analyze it and perform the work you need to keep it in top shape. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Air Conditioning System Replacement

When you call MES, you get complete service. Anytime your system isn’t working as intended, we’ll come and figure out why. When a problem is diagnosed, it’s a lot easier to estimate the costs of a repair, and if repair isn’t going to be cost-effective, we can help you look at replacement options.

We service the entire system. Whether the problem is with an A/C unit, an air handler, the ductwork, the thermostat, or any other component of the system, we can diagnose, repair, and/or replace it. When we spot the specific issue that is causing your problem, we’ll explain exactly what is wrong and what is necessary to fix it. That way, you can make an informed decision about how you want to move forward. We’re here to provide expertise and do the work, but our goal is always to empower you so that you can make informed decisions for yourself.

We can also help you upgrade. Sometimes the problem is that your system wasn’t designed to handle your needs adequately. An upgrade can help you stay more comfortable, and newer systems are often more efficient. If you’re looking for better options, we’re happy to provide them.

Some upgrades require more than simply installing a new cooling unit. Major ductwork can be a part of the process. You might need additional ducting to improve airflow. You might be switching to a ductless system to upgrade to something a little more efficient. No matter the case, ductwork and system changes are part of what we do. We can adjust any component as needed to make sure your replacement system is working at full capacity and provides a clear improvement from what you had before.

Air Conditioning System Installation

There are plenty of homes and businesses that don’t currently have air conditioners. Whether you’re building a new place around Carrollton or you are in something older that never received an HVAC upgrade, we can help you install a system where it is needed.

This is the whole package. We can install ducting where it’s necessary. We can remove ducting to set up a ductless design. We can analyze the building to help you pick the right cooling units for the size and layout in question. Naturally, we can install the units and certify that they are working correctly.

For any A/C replacement or installation, Metro Express Service is here for you. Simply give us a call, and we can schedule a time to come to your place and work out the right solution for you. There’s no need to suffer through the DFW heat. We want you to be cool and comfortable throughout the year, and we put great effort into providing the professionalism and expertise needed to back that up. Contact us today for A/C installation and replacement in Carrollton or anywhere in DFW.